FinMin slammed for statements on working right restrictions. What has the minister retorted?

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Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici has come back with explanations after having proposed to the EU finance ministers to limit the working rights in another country to a certain period of time.

The minister argued that his statement is under no circumstances a drag or a limitation of the Romanians’ access to the EU labour market, but it is an intention „to defend and promote the Romanians and Romanian companies’ interests.”

At the same time, the minister explained that his allegations wanted to underline the need to standardize the European legislation and procedures on the access to the labour market in EU states so that Romanians should have equal conditions like all the EU citizens.

Teodorovici says he has never questioned and never will the four fundamental liberties.

These statements have been made considering that Romania is facing an acute manpower crisis and my intention is to propose solutions to come to our support, both economically and socially.

Under no circumstances it is not a drag or a restriction of the Romanians’ access to the European space, but it is rather my desire to defend and promote the Romanians’ and Romanian companies’ interests.

Regardless of the European sensitive issues, I have always represented and I always represent Romania’s and Romanians’ interest”, Teodorovici stated.

Despite his explanations, thousands of people posted acid comments.

„Does he know how hard it is to accommodate in another country and how long it takes? How long it takes to get an equivalence of your studies? How much time, stress, physical and mental work to do the right thing? He doesn’t know! For he didn’t need to walk from one country to another, to lose his work, family and friends? Howe many times do we have to start all over again? How much strength do we need, you Criminals, you have destroyed an entire country, how many generations are hurting, without hope”, Marinela Lungu commented.

„Stop stealing, don’t adopt laws to protect criminals, build motorways, hospitals and schools and Romanians will come back. Shame on you for thinking like a slave owner!”, says Silviu Jitianu.

Emmanuel Sandu: „Mr. Orlando, what do you say to start this <wonderful> project with you. You from the Parliament, Government and any other state institution. How? Very simple, you should have working permit for 4 years and if you haven’t achieved anything for the country, out of the system, you should also be stripped of the right to exert public offices for life. Besides, you could give an example. And after you are out of the public system you could go and try in other countries. What do you say, Mr. Orlando>”.

„You make a blunder and then you are trying to <mend it>. Comrade, at least you should assume what you are talking until the end, if you know you say only bullshit, at least you should try abstaining yourself”, said Marius Diaconescu, while Liviu Florea asked: ”Does this rule also apply to Madagascar and Costa Rica?” (editor note: hint to the countries where some former dignitaries like Radu Mazare or Elena Udrea have fled to).

The minister replied again, saying he has not been understood very well and that “people have understood as much as they could”, reiterating that he is a pro-European.

What can I say to those who posted online messages? I wish them the same thing they had wished me“, he said.

Ex-PM Ciolos asks for Teodorovici’s resignation

Former PM Dacian Ciolos, founder of a new political movement “Romania Together Movement” retorted that the freedom of movement is a right that “PSD is trying to restrict”, while calling on the FinMin to “immediately resign”.

PSD is getting us back in time and asks for restricting Romanians’ right to work abroad. This is what this party understands from the European spirit 11 years after the EU accession: to bind citizens in chains inside the fortress instead of offering them conditions to stay. Honour and work are values that PSD doesn’t respect”, Ciolos said in a Facebook post.

He called on Teodorovici to explain “why he wants working permits for the Romanians citizens and to immediately resign”.

ALDE also criticises the statement

However, even the PSD’s ruling partners have criticised Teodorovici for his statement. ALDE vice-president Toma Petcu has said that the proposale advanced by the Finance minister on restricting the right to work is a serious error that is breaking citizens’ rights. Toma Petcu added that ALDE cannot endorse such a thing and that he has never heard of such a proposal made by a European state in his entire career.

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