Finnish ambassador in Bucharest, H.E. Mrs. Päivi Pohjanheimo: Finland thoroughly reinvented itself in just one short century


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Finland’s ambassador to Romania, Mrs. Päivi Pohjanheimo speaks about her country’s anniversary, about how people celebrate it and how the celebration is practically another brick in the wall of the national project.

The Republic of Finland celebrates its 99th anniversary of Independence on December 6 and enters its Centennial Anniversary year. As the theme of our special year is “Together”, I am delighted to be able to share this anniversary year together with the friends of Finland in Romania.

Each country has its own particular narrative, a story of its own national project. In our case, Finland thoroughly reinvented itself in just one short century, and is still doing it.

Every year on Independence Day, Finland stops to pay respect to the dedication earlier generations showed in building our country. It is a national holiday, and official program including military parade, church service and the reception of the President of the Republic is sent live by the first channel of the national TV. People have a tradition to lit candles next to windows, meet with family and friends for a lunch or dinner and follow the official celebration programs from the TV.

The Independence Day is a solemn and emotional day, but it is always important for Finns to celebrate it and share it with others. That is why I hope that the centennial year 2017 of Finland will be full of active bilateral cooperation in Romania and that it will also serve as a prologue for 2018, when Romania will eventually celebrate its equally important festivity year.”

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