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Firea: Dragnea wants to liquidate me, wants to adopt GEO to disband the Capital City Hall. PSD fires back

Bucharest General Mayor, Gabriela Firea, currently at war with the PSD leadership, has told Romania TV on Saturday night that the Social Democrat chairman Liviu Dragnea wants „to liquidate” her and that he would intend to have an emergency ordinance adopted in order to disband the Capital City Hall, and the districts to become municipalities. Firea disclosed that Dragnea had had a meeting with the district mayors a few days ago, except District 3 mayor Robert Negoita, and that he had told them that Firea would be removed from the leadership of the PSD’s Ilfov and Bucharest organisations and that this emergency ordinance would be adopted, leaving Firea only with a mayor honorary position.

Mr. Dragnea announced in a meeting with several district mayors that he wants to disband Bucharest. For he is very annoyed with my person and he sees he cannot do anything against me than to suppress me ,so he told the mayors he will prepare an emergency ordinance to turn the six districts to municipalities, to small towns, which would be against the Constitution. The Constitution is not amended by emergency ordinance, unless somebody consider our country is not democratic anymore (…) I knew the Constitution can only be amended through referendum,” Gabriela Firea, told România TV.

Mr. Dragnea wants to totally liquidate me (…) If he could, he would also liquidate me physically,” the Bucharest mayor said.

She added that she heard that the PSD Bucharest branch would be taken over by District 6 mayor, Gabriel Mutu.

Firea: Dragnea wants to run for Presidency

Firea also revealed that Liviu Dragnea had not given up idea to run for the Romania’s Presidency, accusing the PSD chair of not being honest when claiming he would be willing to endorse his coalition partner, Calin Popescu Tariceanu, for the presidential elections. Bucharest mayor also claimed revised statistics of the opinion polls are presented to Dragnea as he is not ranked well.

Gabriela Firea told the same private broadcaster that Dragnea has suffered a lot he could not be premier after the general elections of 2016 and that he has practically started the electoral campaign for the presidential elections since then.

„As practically he could not be a prime minister, however I don’t think the incumbent Romanian president would have accepted him, he has started a kind of division and denigration campaign inside the party,” Firea argued.

The Bucharest mayor pointed out that although in public Liviu Dragnea used to say he is not interested in the position of President, yet he told the party he wanted to run for Presidency with the party’s support. Firea added that Dragnea would consider enemy any colleague who would have considered running for the presidential elections.

Firea also warned over the way PSD is spending EUR 20 million that it is receiving as state funds. saying the party is presenting revised results of the opinion polls to Dragnea, for he is not ranked well.

There has been recently an opinion poll measuring the Romania public’s confidence, I ranked first, Mr. Iohannis second and Mr. Tariceanu third. Mr. Dragnea ranked near the bottom. Our party colleague, who knows Mr. Dragnea’s suspicious and touchy temper, said I cannot come to the chairman with such a thing and had revised the figures in the computer. He has completely taken me out, Mr. Iohannis climbed as first and Mr. Dragnea has come as the second, etc” Firea recounted.

PSD leaders slam Firea

In retort to Firea’s allegations, PSD deputy secretary general Codrin Stefanescu has stated on Sunday that the party had never discussed the abolition of the Bucharest City Hall by emergency ordinance.

Such a thing has never been discussed inside the party, it is nonsense. In brief, Mrs Gabriela Firea’s interview deserves no comment,” Stefanescu said.

In his turn, the deputy mayor of District 2, Dan Cristian Popescu, has also slammed Firea for her statements, saying she had spent EUR 2 billion without doing anything, and that yet „being municipal” would be a solution (referring to Firea’s accusation that PSD wants to turn all Bucharest districts in free-standing municipalities).

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