Firea: I think my ousting will be proposed. We are not leaving PSD. What has Dragnea said about the exclusion?

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Bucharest general mayor Gabriela Firea has stated before the CexN meeting that the members who asked Dragnea’s resignation will not resign from PSD or set up another party.

We are Social Democrats, party members, we’ll militate for the team’s unity,” Firea said.

She added though that her ousting will be proposed within the CexN, also revealing that deputy PM Paul Stanescu and Justice minister Tudorel Toader will be kicked out of the government, for „they derange Dragnea”.

We’ve come to public executions, to lynching, for we have the courage to see things differently and to argue”, Bucharest mayor stated.

We don’t want to start any coup d’etat, to take over the power after a bloodbath. I thing we are peaceful people, we are not armed. We cannot afford joking with the Romanians’ problems. I think there will be the proposal to oust me from the party,” she underlined, adding she doesn’t want another Government. „100% we are in favor of maintaining the PSD-ALDE coalition in Parliament and the PSD-ALDE Government led by Viorica Dancila,” Firea concluded.

Deputy PM Stanescu: Nobody will leave PSD, even if ousting is attempted

Deputy PM Paul Stanescu, one of the signatories of anti-Dragnea letter, says in his turn that nobody will leave PSD, even if the ousting of some members is attempted. He reiterated that the signatories of the letter are discontent with Liviu Dragnea’s political management.

„If I am part of the parallel state, I think we should go somewhere else. I want to tell very clearly: nobody will leave the party, even if ousting is attempted, everyone will remain in PSD. The party management at this moment is the only debate we hope to clear up today. We don’t talk arithmetic now: there are 20, there are 50. We are discontent with Dragnea’s political management at this moment,” Stanescu said before the CexN.

Dragnea retort to ousting rumors: “Absolutely not”

Asked about a potential proposal to oust the letter’s signatories from the party, PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea said such a request would not be made.

“Absolutely not”, he retorted when asked if the initiators of the letter asking for his resignation will be expelled from the party.

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