First dismissal in the nightclub fire case


PM Victor Ponta on Tuesday night dismissed the head of the National Authority for the Consumers Protection, Marius Dunca in the nightclub fire case. Dunca said he found out about his dismissal live on TV and underlined the institution was not guilty.

“It’s a surprise for me, too. If ANPC is guilty for everything that goes wrong in this country, we’ll take this guilt as well….But I don’t think ANPC is guilty,” the dismissed chief argued. He said he had received a notification regarding some price gaps at Colectiv Club last Thursday, so a day before the tragedy. Dunca also pointed out that a ANPC inspector went to the club on Thursday but found nobody there and left “an invitation” for the legal representatives to come and present some documents at the authority HQs on Friday, as this is the procedure when the inspectors are not finding anyone at the scene.

Official sources told local news agencies that the premier appointed secretary of state Bogdan Pandelica to replace Dunca ant ANPC helm.

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