First exit polls: PSD and PNL top preferences – 25.7%. Record turnout

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The CURS-AVANGARDE exit polls show that the election results for the European Parliament are: PSD – 25.7%, PNL-25.7%, USR-PLUS- 23.9% for estimations given at 22.30hrs.

Pro Romania: 5.7%

UDMR: 5.4%

PMP: 5.2%

ALDE: 4.7%

The Curs-Avangarde Research Institute announced at 21:00h the first exit poll for 19:00h, the data showing that PSD, PNL and USR-PLUS are very close in the polls. The exit poll does not take into account the vote in Diaspora.

The Avangarde exit poll figures at 19.00h:

PSD- 25.8%

PNL 25.8%

USR-PLUS- 23.9%

ALDE – 4.9%

PRO Romania – 5.7%

UDMR – 5.4%

PMP – 5.2%

Others – 3.3%

The Exit-Poll sample includes 400 polling stations.

The number of interviewees exceeds 20,000. The share of refusals to respond to the questionnaire is about 18%.

The error margin for the survey conducted in the sample of polling stations in Romania is +/-2% at a confidence level of 95%.

The sample for the exit poll did not include polling stations abroad.


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