First government reshuffle?

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PM Dacian Ciolos is allegedly ready to make the first government reshuffle. On his list of ministers to be replaced is Health Minister Patriciu-Andrei Achimaș Cadariu, due to the way he managed the babies’ crisis and to the poor communication in this case, informs.

Second on his list is Justice Minister Raluca Pruna, due to the blunder regarding the emergency ordinance on wire tapping, followed by Environment Minister Cristina Pașca Palmer.

According to the source, on the reshuffle list are included European Funds Minister Aura Raducu and Finance Minister Anca Dragu.

Dacian Ciolos announced his proposals for the future Cabinet of Ministers on November 15, 2015, saying back then that he had sought to choose people with skills and experience, with vision and ideas, showing that a third of the people suggested for ministers are women.

We aimed to choose people with skills and experience (…) or Romanians working for the European administration, people working in civil society organizations. I wanted people with vision, ideas and experience in management,” Ciolos used to state, adding that he intended to find a ‘balance’ between young people with solid training and people with extensive experience.

The firts list submitted to the public opinion included another Health Minister, Andrei Baciu, and another Justice Minister, Cristina Guseth, who have been eventually withdrawn.

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