First statements of Prince Nicolae after removal from the line of succession

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After King Mihai withdrew his title as Prince of Romania and removed him from the line of succession to the defunct Romanian throne, Prince Nicolae sent a message on Tuesday, saying he “regretfully” respects his grandfather’s decision.

“(…) I assume this decision, it comes following a period when I have reflected upon the future of the country and of our House, as well as upon the role that I can play for their growth. The position of prince of Romania and the presence in the line of succession are enforcing a way of conducting my life that I find difficult to accept. That’s why, I regretfully consider that the decision of HM the King is welcome to me. I will search in the future to serve my ideals and principles in a different way,” reads a press release of Nicolae issued by the Royal House.

He also thanked all those who stood by him. “In my new capacities, I will look to dedicate myself to environmental, youth and charitable actions, about which I found so many things during my stay in Romania. I also want to thank the central and local public authorities for their openness granted to support joint projects and especially to my family for their love and understanding (…) I hope God will further protect the nation and the Romanian Crown,” the press release concludes.


You can read more details on the unprecedented decision here:

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