Five proposed ambassadors Okayed by the parliamentary committees


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Five new ambassadors proposed by President Klaus Iohannis on Tuesday got the parliamentary foreign affairs committees’ green light to represent Romania abroad.

Diplomat Marius Lazurca was Okayed by the joint foreign affairs committees in Parliament for the ambassador position to Hungary.

My goal for this term is to capitalize a positive bilateral agenda and to build a base for discussions, precisely using the diplomatic tools at hand but also the elements on which we don’t have a joint agreement for the moment,” Lazurca told the hearings in the committee.

He stated that there is “a huge potential” of the Romanian-Hungarian bilateral relationship, also adding there are “some asymmetries that should be revised in the bilateral economic relation.”

One of the asymmetries is the commercial surplus of Hungary reported to Romania. Our country buys more goods from Hungary than it manages to sell (…) There are more mixed Hungarian-Romanian companies registered in Romania and less Romanian companies in Hungary,” the ambassador argued.

Marius Lazurca was Romania’s ambassador to Vatican and Republic of Moldova.

George Gabriel Bologan, proposed for the ambassador to Italy, Malta and San Marino, also got the committee’s green light.

My term is built on the bilateral relation, the economic ties, the Romanian community in Italy, the public and cultural diplomacy and the human resource management. I want to stimulate again the political relation with Italy,” Bologan stated, while pledging to get involved in promoting new business opportunities, as Italy is ‘a privileged partner for Romania.’

On the other hand, the new envoy in Rome added that he would also focus on developing classes of Romanian language, culture and civilization.

Romania’s proposed ambassadors to Mexico, Ion Vilcu, to Denmark and Iceland, Alexandru Gradinar and to India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Maldives and Bangladesh, Radu Octavian Dobre were also given the parliamentary committees’ O.K.

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