Florin Cîțu resigned from the Senate’s helm upon Ciuca’s request


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Florin Cîţu on Wednesday filed his resignation from the Senate leadership, after the group of PNL senators informed him that he was withdrawing his political support for this position. Alina Gorghiu will take over the interim position.

Cîțu confirmed in a press statement that he resigned from the Senate leadership after his colleagues did not agree with the statements regarding the governmental measures.

“The party president and the general secretary asked me to resign, I was told that my support for the party was withdrawn, it is a political function, of course, in these conditions, I did not want to put them in the embarrassing situation to vote some of them against the party leadership. and I decided, I made this decision personally, I repeat, in order not to create problems for the National Liberal Party”, said Cîțu.

He added that he was always interested in the image of PNL. “In order not to make my colleagues, to put colleagues in the embarrassing situation of voting against,” he said.

Cîţu argued that his statements have been the same for years, “against measures that harm Romanians”.

Of course those measures come from PSD, that’s the problem, but there are measures that I consider to hurt the Romanians, I consider that PNL must stay close to entrepreneurs, the private sector, and the measures that come against them I always have considered harmful”“I was mostly upsetting PSD,” he added.

Florin Cîțu states that he will not leave the PNL, but will continue his political career. “I will continue to do politics, these are functions that you receive as a result of activities, they are not functions that you receive for life. I am not in politics for myself, I am for Romanians and as long as someone tries to take action against Romanians, I will oppose. I will never resign from the PNL, I am a liberal “, said  the former PNL chairman.

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