Florin Citu steps down just before the investiture vote in Parliament, President to call parties for consultations again


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PM-designate Florin Cîțu has stepped aside several minutes before the investiture vote of his Cabinet in Parliament.

Under these circumstances, President Klaus Iohannis will summon the political parties again for consultations and will advance a new proposal for the PM position. The head of state is expected to deliver a press statement later on.

Liberal sources told Hotnews.ro that President Iohannis is to designate Ludovic Orban as PM again, who is to form a government with USR and PMP.

Florin Cîțu’s withdrawal would thus come amid the coronavirus crisis and as early elections seem impossible at this point (CCR has rejected the GEO on early elections), so the Liberals’ next move is to propose a premier who must secure a majority so that a new government should be invested as soon as possible, in this case the premier being Ludovic Orban.

Liberals and Ludovic Orban were having talks with potential partners in this respect.

Before the plenary session of the Parliament a majority was shaping to secure the investiture of Citu Cabinet, after PNL, USER, UDMR, ALDE, PMP and Pro Romania had announced they will vote the proposed government. PSD was the only party who said they will not vote.

Florin Citu explains decision to step aside

Florin Cîțu, interim Finance minister, has explained in a Facebook post that he has decided to step aside and give up the PM seat right before the plenary session because Ludovic Orban is the one who should be the Head of the Romanian Government and not him.

“My action must be interpreted through context of what Romania is going through these days. I am a party member and I understand to be next to the party and next to the President in the difficult moments. I strongly believe that, in order to be successful in the elections to come, the party chairman must be also the Prime Minister.

President Klaus Iohannis’ decision to nominate me for the PM position has been an honour. But it has been taken if early elections were a solution agreed by most of the parties. But this option does not stand anymore today.

I have taken the decision to step aside with responsibility, transparency and professionalism. I have reflected on it a lot lately watching the developments of what Romania is going through today.

I remain at the Finance Ministry. We have a lot of work to do for the difficult times ahead”, reads Citu’s post.

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