FM Aurescu sacks diplomat linked to invitations scandal at the Romanian embassy in Paris


Director of ICR Paris also on the verge of recall.

Romanian Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu ordered the diplomat involved in the injurious invitations scandal at the Romanian embassy in Paris should be discharged and also removed from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ service.

According to a MFA press release, the investigation of the Control and Diplomatic Evaluation Body concluded its internal investigation and confirmed the persons guilty for the incident: a diplomat from the Romanian embassy and the director of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Paris.

Regarding ICR Paris head, Yvette Fulicea, the ministry mentions that only the leadership of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Bucharest could recall her. On the other hand, the president of the Romanian Cultural Institute, Lilian Zamfiroiu submitted the request for Yvette Fulicea’s recall to the Senate.

The two persons had been given a warning sanction two days ago.

At the same time, FM Aurescu launched a serious warning to all Romanian embassies in an internal document sent on Wednesday. He noticed the embassies that using wrong terms in the institutional communication is unacceptable, reminding that one of his mandate’s priorities is to rebuild the links with Diaspora, as they  ‘have been seriously damaged lately.’

The position of the Romanian ambassador to France

The Romanian ambassador in Paris, Bogdan Mazuru also reacted to this scandal, saying it was “a big blunder” and “an unfortunate situation” and that he is willing to give explanations to the Parliament if it is the case.

He also mentioned he is not feeling guilty but responsible for this incident. “I don’t consider myself guilty, I can be responsible though. There are two different things. When something is happening in your courtyard, then you are responsible,” Mazuru said, as quoted by Digi24.









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