FM Melescanu challenged by BBC reporter on ‘absurd’ amnesty

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Romanian FM Teodor Melescanu has stated in an intervention to BBC that the Romanian authorities are trying to actually solve the issue of the prison overcrowding by the new attempts to introduce amnesty and pardon when asked why the Government and the ruling party intend to give  a new amnesty for corrupt politicians, including for PSD leader Liviu Dragnea.

Your leader was found guilty of corruption and that was why was not allowed to stand and now your country is trying to introduce a new amnesty to allow corrupt politicians to walk free. what kind of signal does that send out?”, asked the BBC reporter.
I want to tell you very bluntly that one of the most issues for Romania is the problem of the penitentiaries or the detention houses. There is an infringement procedure about the crowded people in the prisons and we are looking at the possibility of trying to find solutions which will offer better conditions fro those who are in prison. From this point of view, we are thinking about the possibility of using some electronic devices which will permit those who are convicted …”, Melescanu retorted.

The BBC journalist has interrupted the Romanian FM, saying: “Sir, forgive, come on. We are talking about corrupt political practice and whether your country, your government, is going to allow on amnesty against those politicians who are found guilty, that’s absurd.”

Maybe you think it’s absurd, but I can assure you that from time to time in all the countries if things are not going well from the point of view of penal code there are possibilities to look into other alternative solutions,” FM Melescanu replied.

See the video here.

Romanian minister challenged on 'absurd' amnesty

"That's absurd" – Emily Maitlis challenges Romania's foreign minister Teodor Melescanu, who says pardoning his country's corrupt politicians may be "an alternative solution" to relieve their overcrowded prisons. More:

Publicat? de BBC Newsnight pe Mar?i, 8 ianuarie 2019

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