FM Melescanu urges Germany to support Romania for Schengen, argues the country is safer than Berlin, Paris or Brussels

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Romanian Foreign Minister Teodor Melescanu urges Germany to support Romania’s accession to Schengen area, arguing that Romanian authorities use modern technologies to protect the borders and that Romania is safer than Berlin, Paris or Brussels.

“It would be of great help if Germany would actively support Romania for Schengen area. We would be pleased,” Melescanu said in an interview for ‘Die Welt’ quoted by

The Romanian FM says he favours the idea to join Schengen in steps. “First the custom control will be eliminated in airports and in the second stage the ones on roads and highways. It would be better than nothing,” Melescanu said.

“We use ultramodern technologies to monitor the borders, from radars to fingerprint identification devices, facial recognition and passport checking devices. The persons illegally in Romania, with inadequate behavior or conducting propaganda for Islamic groups are expelled from Romania in 24 hours,” Teodor Melescanu said. He added that “Romania is safer than Berlin, Paris or Brussels.”

Asked about the benefits for Europeans if Romania joins the Schengen area, the foreign minister said that “by the advanced technologic systems to protect the borders we can contribute to Europe’s security and we will ensure the control on the EU south-eastern borders.”

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