FM Ramona Mănescu resigns from ALDE, sources say she might join PSD


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Minister of Foreign Affairs Ramona Mănescu, the only ALDE minister who stayed in the Dancila Government, has resigned from ALDE following her move to defy the party’s official decision to quit the ruling coalition and go into Opposition.

Political sources revealed that Ramona Mănescu might join PSD, although she had denied this possibility early this week.

Călin Popescu Tăriceanu replied that Mănescu’s decision to remain in the Government is „a political mistake”. ALDE leader said that it is probably most important to her „to be minister for another two weeks”.

Three ALDE ministers, Viorel Ilie, Grațiela Gavrilescu and Anton Anton have resigned from their offices on Tuesday.

PM Dancila has advanced the proposals for the vacant ministries left by resigning ALDE ministers.

ALDE loses one senator to PSD

ALDE senator of Suceava Ilie Niţă has also announced his resignation from Tariceanu’s party, saying he stands by PSD, claiming “the ruling must go on”.

Niţă argued he is not an opportunist, but “the reality looks like this ruling has brought benefits to the Romanian people. Why should we throw it away?

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