FM: Romanians in Iraq not affected by Iran’s missile attacks

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Romanian Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu (photo) has announced there are no victims among the Romanian soldiers and civilians in Iraq after Iran’s missile attacks.

“Considering the missile attacks have also targeted the Erbil region, where there is a community of around 180 Romanian citizens, I can confirm that they are not affected my these developments”, said FM Aurescu.

The minister pointed out  that “the situation might get worse”, and therefore “Romania is reiterating its firm call to a de-escalation”.

Aurescu added that there are no Romanians either among the passengers of the Ukraine International Airlines flight, who died after the plane crashed in Tehran following takeoff.

“We obtained the list of passengers and we can confirm that, according to the data so far, there are no Romanian citizens among the victims of this unfortunate event. We conveyed our condolences to the families of the victims”, said FM Bogdan Aurescu.

In his turn, Defence minister Bogdan Ciuca said Romanian military men deployed in Iraq had not been affected by the latest air strikes.

“The Romanian Ministry of National Defence is in touch with the Romanian military men and is permanently assessing the security situation in the region, together with Romania’s partners and allies, while the soldiers’ relocation will carry on according to the contingency plans“, said minister Ciuca.

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