Foreign Affairs Ministry, PSD chair retort to the embassies’ concern over the justice laws

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The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) replied to the stance voiced by the embassies of seven European countries regarding the justice law amendments, stating that no initiative with impact on the citizens is adopted in the absence of parliamentary debates.

In a press release issued on Friday, MAE says it has been informed about the stance expressed by “Romania’s seven partners and allies regarding the evolution in the judiciary system.” “Reassuring on our firm attachment to the European Union’s values, we express our availability for a real and concrete dialogue with our European partners, now that we have the texts of the laws adopted in Parliament. At the same time, we’ll continue the consultations with the European Commission, as well,” MAE says.

The ministry also states that any analysis on the evolution in the judiciary must also attend to a dialogue with the representatives of the Parliament.

We point out that no initiative with impact on the citizens is adopted in the absence of a parliamentary debate, of consultations and public discussions,” MAE states, while adding that the idea of enhancing the rule of law and the anti-corruption fight are part of the priorities assumed by the Government.

In his turn, ruling Social Democrat Party chairman Liviu Dragnea has stated that the text of the justice law amendments will be translated and sent to the foreign embassies and to the European Commission, while at the same time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will have a meeting with the ambassadors.

We are sending the translates texts to the embassies, to the European Commission and to the chancelleries abroad, through our ambassadors, for we must admit one thing: no article that is particularly affecting the justice independence has been identified so far,” Dragnea pointed out, adding that FM Melescanu will also have meetings with the foreign ambassadors on this issue.

Asked about the Romanian President’s unrest related to the justice law amendments, Dragnea answered: “I think he must be calmed down for holidays are coming”.

The embassies of Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden to Romania sent a joint press release on Thursday evening, calling on “all parties involved” in the justice reform process “to avoid any action that could lead to a weakening of the independence of the judiciary system in Romania and fight against corruption.”

All justice laws, regarding the statute of the magistrates, the CSM and others, have been debated and adopted in a record time lately, with amendments on the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code still pending in the special committee led by Florin Iordache. The members of the committee decided to enter the parliamentary recess and to resume debates next month.

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