Former CCR President, Augustin Zegrean, on Iohannis-Dancila dispute: We are facing a constitutional conflict

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The President’s request for PM Viorica Dancila’s resignation can have no consequence on the basis of the current Constitution. Nevertheless, the Premier is the one who started a constitutional conflict, by violating the exclusive powers of the Presidency in regard to the foreign policy, former Constitutional Court President, Augustin Zegrean, says.

Zegrean says it would be better to return to the former text of the Constitution, which allowed the head of state to dismiss the Prime Minister, informs.

“There will be no consequence, the Constitution reads that the President appoints the Government based on the Parliament’s confidence vote. Only the Parliament could revoke the Government,” Zegrean says.

“We are facing a constitutional conflict. The foreign policy issues are with the President, the Constitution reads. He runs Romania’s foreign policy, he decides to establish diplomatic missions,” the former CCR President says.

“During the CDR governance, 1996-2000, it was the same problem. At the time, the President could revoke the Prime Minister because the Constitution provided differently, there was no interdiction to dismiss him. The Constitutional review in 2003 amended the text, now it reads that the President cannot revoke the Prime Minister. It was probably better that the President has the power to revoke, as the President is and was, the politician with the highest electoral authority,” Zegrean said.

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