Former CCR President says if PM Dancila is suspended, after 45 days the Gov’t will be dissolved

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Former Constitutional Court (CCR) President, Augustin Zegrean, says that, if Viorica Dancila is suspended from the office of Prime Minister, after 45 days the Government will be dissolved, thus being ‘a hidden revocation’.

“If suspended from office and not returning in 45 days, meaning that the criminal lawsuit is not completed, if a solution is not issued to say it’s black or white, she remains suspended. This means that, after 45 days we’ll not have Government,” Zegrean said, informs.

Zegrean was explaining what could happen if a criminal file is opened against the Premier and President Klaus Iohannis suspends Viorica Dancila.

He mentioned that, by the Constitution, if the Premier is unable to carry on the mandate for more than 45 days, the Government is dissolved.

“This would be atypical, abnormal. It’s not quite constitutional, because we have the Constitution which reads that the President cannot revoke the Prime Minister. This means that if suspended and 45 days are completed and she cannot return to this position, it would actually be a revocation, which is not allowed by the Constitution. Since 2003 the text is clear, reading that ‘the President cannot revoke the Prime Minister’. It would be an atypical revocation, a hidden revocation. I can’t imagine this could happen,” Zegrean said.

The former CCR President said that, when the Constitution was edited, such an option was not envisaged.

“The Constitution reads that the President cannot revoke the Premier. This means under no circumstances. The CCR will face again a situation which needs a decision,” he said.

The Chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Ludovic Orban filed on Thursday a criminal complaint against PM Viorica Dancila at the General Prosecutor’s Office on Thursday. The complaint comes over the Gov’t memorandum on the relocation of the Romanian embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The Liberal leader accuses PM Dancila of high treason, of presenting information in bad faith to the Romanian President, of usurpation and disclosing state secret information.

Orban asks prosecutors to probe into all details related to the adoption of the memorandum on the embassy to Jerusalem. According to the complaint, the memorandum adopted by the Government has brought serious prejudice to the country.

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