Former Chamber of Deputies Speaker notifies Constitutional Court on the amendments of house’s regulation

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Former speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Valeriu Zgonea, has recently notified the Constitutional Court (CCR) on the amendments brought to the house’s regulation, stating that the complaint will be judged on June 21.

“According to the Regulation, the Chamber Speaker is the only one authorized, besides the parliamentary groups. Of course (I’ve notified the CCR) and the issue will be judged on June 21. I filed the complaint a few days ago, within the legal term,” Valeriu Zgonea said.

He claims the amendments violate “everything strictly related to the constitutional attributions.”

The Chamber of Deputies plenary sitting last Wednesday Okayed the draft that is amending the Chamber regulation so that Valeriu Zgonea could be revoked from the Chamber speaker position.

The vote took place after Valeriu Zgonea had withdrawn from the presidium, arguing he cannot preside a plenary sitting where a draft contradicting the laws is voted.

The draft resolution amended the procedure of revoking the Chamber Speaker. According to it, the Chamber speaker ends his mandate when he loses political endorsement or if the deputies vote for his revocation “on the motion of the leader of the parliamentary group that he initially proposed him”.

The draft resolution was Okayed with 11 votes to one.

Chamber Speaker Valeriu Zgonea, kicked out from the Social Democrat Party in April, had vetoed the summoning of the two chambers of Parliament to debate his revocation, denouncing procedural irregularities and “the arrogance” of the Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu.

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