Former PM Adrian Nastase launches petition for reforming PSD, blames struggle against justice

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Former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase has launched a petition to the social-democrats on Monday, pleading for reforming the Social-Democratic Party (PSD), arguing the initiative is not a form of dissidence within the party.

Nastase recalls the defeat in the election for European Parliament and that the group supporting this initiative does not aim dissidence or positions in the party, informs.

“We are against any actions aiming retaliation of revenge. Mentioning the slogan during Pope Francis’ visit in Romania: Let’s go together!” the document reads.

Adrian Nastase points to four dimensions of the crisis affecting PSD: identity, management, human resources and communication – and charges Traian Basescu and Klaus Iohannis with dividing the society.

“The identity crisis has deepened by taking over instruments from the political right-wing, up to the so-called referendum on traditional family,” the petition reads.

“We aim and believe a new foundation of the Social-Democratic Party is possible, so that it further plays a decisive role in Romania’s progress. The huge mission of rebuilding the Romanian left-wing needs all available human resources, all the brains and souls of the left-wing people. After winning the general elections in 2016, PSD has started, totally unprepared, a struggle to amend the criminal justice. Instead of a needed system change (and not of people, mainly) publicly assumed and explained, measures were promoted in the backstage, without credible explanations. Hence, the initial perception turned into belief: PSD does not want to correct the countless abuses of justice, but to obtain impunity for its leaders. The protest rallies in 2017-2018, in the country and abroad, have led to a huge wave of hatred against PSD, noticed at the EP election. The change of two governments, which did not assume unpopular measures in criminal policy, was a strong blow for PSD credibility,” the petition reads.

Adrian Năstase was Prime Minister of Romania from December 2000 to December 2004. He competed in the 2004 presidential election as the Social Democratic Party (PSD) candidate, but was defeated by centre-right Justice and Truth (DA) Alliance candidate Traian Băsescu.

He was the President of the Chamber of Deputies from December 21, 2004 until March 15, 2006, when he resigned due to corruption charges. Sentenced to two years in prison in July 2012, he attempted suicide before beginning his term in the penitentiary. Released in March 2013, he was sentenced to four years in another case in January 2014, but released that August.

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