Former PM Dacian Ciolos’ message for protesters

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Former technocrat PM Dacian Ciolos posted a message on Facebook addressed to the protesters, stating that the rulers today are not the “cause”, but the “effect” of what Romanians haven’t done good. If the Diaspora meeting represents a message to the rulers, “what if this meeting turns into a message that Diaspora should address to the entire Romanian society”.

Ciolos says that, if we want to be part of the solution, we must learn to address to one another, and if we learn how to talk to one another, then maybe “we still have got a chance to get better with our own cures”.

If we want to be part of the solution, let’s learn as better as we can to address to one another, in the Romanian society. Let’s not confine to fighting the shadow of ignorance and maybe of our indifference (for this is what the ones who grabbed the Government’s ruling now: a shadow, a reflection), but let’s tackle the cause. If we learn how to talk to one another, without waiting for key-moments to do it, without waiting for the worse to come, maybe we still have got a chance to get better with our own <cures>,” the former premier wrote.

Ciolos talked about some Romanian professors and researchers at Oxford who take pupils from the Romanian high schools to UK over the summer and teach them classes just like to any other student in the campus. “Thus, they open their mind, help them submit applications to the greatest universities in the world, they give them a chance to the elite education,” he exemplified.

Bearing this example in mind, I suggest that every community in Diaspora that will be founded or enhanced after this rally should take care of a community back home-a community in a village, a community of youngsters, of peasant small producers, of pensioners, of sick, of high school pupils- and help this community to take their own collective destiny in their hands, the way you did it individually abroad and the way you did it collectively, including through this rally. Maybe, in this way we”ll do more than giving a signal at a certain point and in a certain place: maybe, this way we’ll kick off a process. The one of getting back to normal,” Dacian Ciolos concluded.

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