Former PM Dacian Ciolos: There are two Romanias, politically used by antagonizing them

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Former Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos has posted a message on Facebook on Sunday reading that part of the Romanian society, “people who are having hard times” fear changes, and this is speculated by irresponsible politicians “in a cursed circle of fear and underdevelopment.” Another part of the society, writes the former prime minister, “expects a fundamental change in the country’s governance, a structural evolution of general well-being, not only economically, but morally.”

“These two Romanias are used by those who want to come to power by antagonizing them, saying one is of the left wing, the other one of the right wing, one is conservative and the other one progressive, one is retrograde, the other one is the opposite, one is religious, the other is secular, one is national, the other is condemnably pushed forward by foreign interests, or other simplistic labels that justify such tendencies,” Ciolos wrote.

“A remedy for the above mentioned is a necessary dialogue between these two Romanias. I believe this is the main mission for the civil society in the coming years. Otherwise, I doubt that in the next period fundamental changes will take place regarding the political class. And I believe that, by continuing the political conflicts, we cannot expect a structural development of the society. New political parties and the reforming of the existing ones make sense if direct dialogue is taken over by those who claim it, even with people belonging to other political currents. We need to make this step, as a society, in order to hope that, at some time, another way to make politics in Romania will appear,” Dacian Ciolos wrote.

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