Former PM Mihai Tudose says Gabriela Firea is right to ask for Interior Minister’s resignation

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“Firea is right,” former Prime Minister Mihai Tudose said, referring to the request of the Bucharest Mayor for Interior Minister Carmen Dan’s resignation, The statement was made in an interview granted to ‘Obiectiv – Vocea Brailei’ newspaper.

Let’s recall that Mihai Tudose was replaced as Prime Minister after an open conflict with the same Interior Minister, Carmen Dan.

Tudose said he could not discuss the topic during the PSD Executive Committee, as he is not a member of the forum, but he had public positions on the issue.

“I am not member of the Executive Committee, only party branch chairmen and the members of the Standing Bureau (PSD Deputy Chairmen) attend. I had no way to express my point of view during the Executive Committee. I’ve expressed my viewpoint in public positions, to the press present in Neptun. It’s a positioning in favour of finding the truth, not for taking sides. In this case, I believe Mrs. Gabriela Firea is right, she is telling the truth,” the former Premier said.

Referring to the open letter sent by Ecaterina Andrnescu, Tudose said “it was stylish approach, in good faith,” unfortunately the party leadership did not react. “Mrs. Andronescu wanted to put on internal debate a series of problems and solutions during the congress. She didn’t have the opportunity, she failed to speak to the audience… Such situations leave marks… As I’ve said before, we can’t claim everything is perfect and no problem exists,” Tudose further said.

Gabriela Firea has repeatedly attacked PSD leader Liviu Dragnea, requesting him to step down. The Bucharest Mayor requested within the party the resignation or dismissal of Minister Carmen Dan, following the violence during the August 10 rally in Victoriei Square. Recently she claimed she has ‘clear information’ she is being spied by Liviu Dragnea.


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