Former PM Victor Ponta accuses PSD’s Dragnea of being part of a group of interests Israel-Hungary-Russia. Confirms meeting with Ghita and Udrea to discuss prosecutors

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Former Prime Minister Victor Ponta claims the current PSD leader Liviu Dragnea is part of a group of interests Israel-Hungary and probably Russia, which is financing him – including consultancy, foreign visits – which will expect to get all the natural gas from the Black Sea, Hidroelectrica, Otopeni Airport and Transgaz.

“Dragnea is caught now within a ‘machinery’, a group of interests from Romania and from abroad, mainly from Israel and Hungary. He is caught in by a group of people who want to make money in Romania. He is their man, they’ve got him completely, they paid for his visits to the US, they bring him consultants, they’ve arrived with the idea of a Sovereign Fund, which should take over everything from us, they have convinced Dragnea on something incredible – to sign that all the gas from the Black Sea will be taken over by two Hungarian companies, which, in fact, are Israel-Hungary and probably also Moscow,” Victor Ponta said in an interview for, quoted by

In a talk-show on Tuesday, social-democrat Chairman, Liviu Dragnea, claimed that the former leader of the party, Victor Ponta, had completed the list of his cabinet ministers together with the then Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) chief, George Maior.

Dragnea told Antena 3 TV private broadcaster Tuesday evening that, right after the fall of the Mihai Razvan Ungureanu cabinet, he had agreed with Victor Ponta and PNL leader, Crin Antonescu, to jointly discuss the ministers for the future government, yet, the next day, Ponta reportedly presented the list of ministers completed “together with George Maior and others”

The row between the two is ongoing for some time, with reciprocal accusations and revealing of inside information during the past years.

Udrea and Ghita came to my home to discuss the appointment of chief prosecutors

Talking about the decision to appoint in 2013 the chief prosecutors of DNA, DIICOT, and Prosecutor General – Laura Codruta Kovesi, Alina Bica and Tiberiu Nitu – Victor Ponta has confirmed Elena Udrea’s statements in 2017, that she went along with Sebastian Ghita at Ponta’s home and told him that President Traian Basescu agrees with all nominations.

Victor Ponta has also confirmed that meetings took place, within this context, at protocol villa K2 (belonging to the Romanian Intelligence Service – SRI), with Liviu Dragnea, Gabriel Oprea, Sebastian Ghita and SRI chief George Maior and SRI Deputy Chief Florian Coldea (“it was a discreet location, we had protection and we could not be photographed”).


“What Mrs. Udrea said is true, she came to my home along with Sebastian Ghita. She told me the president agrees with the nominations. She told me Bica is a great girl. And then I had a premonition and told them: Sebi, Elena, the first ones Kovesi is going to put in jail will be you two. She replied: no, it’s going to be all right,” the former PM said.

He added that Dragnea supported the nominations because Kovesi had ruled the non-prosecution of Ion Iliescu, so she is not against PSD. “This was his argument,” Ponta said.

Ponta also said that Alina Bica was supported by Dragnea and proposed by Elena Udrea.

“Liviu Dragnea, for good reason, said: I have a (prosecution) file, let’s move (Daniel) Morar out. I believe Coldea said: Codruta is a honest person, you will not have problems with her. They were good friends, as I was with Morar,” Ponta also said.

Elena Udrea said in 2017 she has a secret meeting in 2013 with Victor Ponta at his home and she had to get disguised in order not to be recognised.


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