Former President Basescu claims he was victim of a cyber attack two months ago

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Former President of Romania Traian Basescu said in a televised interview that he was the victim of a cyber attack this year.

“In the last two months, two months and a half, I notified the special telecommunications because in my computer had been destroyed or were possibly copied thousands of files. I notified the STS, because they are responsible for protecting communications of the current and former officials. They came, they found out and have managed to recover whatever could be recovered,” Traian Basescu said, according

The former President addressed the issue when asked about the case of espionage that targeted DNA chief Laura Codruţa Kovesi.

“I only recall one thing connected to this. Bica in Paris (Alina Bica, former DIICOT head, currently prosecuted in two files – our note). I don’t know who it was, but it happens for the prosecutors to be under stakeout, but if you are a public figure it is clear that you should expect this … If you want to tell me in the footsteps of Bica were paparazzi… She was under the surveillance of a private company, not necessarily Black Cube,” Traian Basescu said.

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