Former president Basescu complains over not receiving a protocol residence, court proceeding considered

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Former president Traian Basescu notified the Government for not giving him any protocol residence and threatened to take proceedings against it unless he received a residence and a cabinet. Basescu also mentioned that he agreed on two villas in Snagov but he didn’t get any answer.

Basescu’s complaints are targeting the Government’s General Secretariat and the State Protocol Administration (RA-APPS), arguing the law gives him the right to have a protocol residence and a cabinet as a former head of state.

The complaint was registered at the Premier’s office on January 13.

Basescu says that he agreed together with RA-APPS to see seven houses, but ultimately both parties agreed that only two of them were complying with the legal safety and security standards, meaning Villa 11 and Villa 1A, both located in Snagov area. “However, though the legal procedure seemed to be met, I haven’t received the protocol residence and the cabinet by now,” Basescu said.

Thus, the former president accuses the Government and RA-APPS they broke the law, as he was entitled to receive the protocol residence and cabinet starting December 21.

“Unless my request is settled at the administrative level, I shall be under the necessity to address the authoritative courts (…),” the former president concludes.

Three weeks ago, the Government presented a list of seven houses submitted to Traian Basescu, among which there were also two villas in Snagov, but claimed that Basescu turned down some locations and did not file any answer for the other ones.

Moreover, one of the villa that Basescu said he agreed on, Villa 11 has been put up for sale by the government a week ago.

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