Former president Basescu gets protocol villa in residential Primaverii district

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The Government signed the order assigning a protocol residence to former President Traian Basescu. Official sources told Mediafax that it is a protocol villa in the residential Primaverii district where the former wife of ex-premier Petre Roman has lived until this year.

Mioara Roman has recently left the villa on 2 Gogol Street where she had been living since 1990, after she had been summoned to evacuate the building due to EUR 350,000 rent debts.

Petre Roman’s former wife claimed she had to pay EUR 6,000 monthly rent since 2009 for the protocol villa. The Roman family moved in the villa in 1990 when Petre Roman became the first Romanian premier after the Revolution 1989.

Traian Basescu sent a complaint to the Government on January 13, threatening he would address the court if he was not to get a protocol residence and office. He claimed he agreed on two villas in Snagov, but the Gov’t did not answer to his request.


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