Former President Basescu: I will sue anyone who launches lies on the subject of kidnapped journalists

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Former President Traian Basescu has announced on Friday that, after the bringing in the country of Mohamad Munaf, he will sue “anyone who launches lies in public” against him on the subject of the kidnapped journalists.
“I warn the fans of untrue statements on this subject that now, after the bringing home of
Mohamad Munaf, I will sue anyone who launches in public lies about me on the subject of kidnapped journalists. C.V. Tudor included will benefit from a court action for slanderous denunciation”, the former president wrote on Facebook.
“Bringing the two criminals in the country would not have been possible without my political intervention at the highest levels, consistently, over eight years (as well as for bringing Popa back from Indonesia)”, wrote Basescu.
The former president also said that the Romanian security structures were “entirely loyal to the set targets over eight years of efforts for the repatriation of the two convicts, contributing decisively to justice”.
Basescu also said that after Munaf’s bringing to Romania, “other facets of the file” can be discussed, adding that he has a clear conscience as he has done his duty.

Iraqi-American Mohammad Munaf, whom the Bucharest Court of Appeal sentenced to 10 years in prison for terrorism against Romanian citizens in 2008 (for his role in the March 2005 kidnapping of three Romanian journalists in Iraq), is currently in the custody of the Romanian Police, President Klaus Iohannis informed on Thursday.
According to Ovidiu Marincea, advisor of Eduard Hellvig, SRI director, Munaf has been located in the Middle East, following an ample joint operation. “Following an ample operation with the domestic and foreign partners, we managed to bring him in Romania to serve his jail sentence,” Marincea explained.
Mohammad Munaf had been sentenced to death by an Iraqi court in October 2006 for his involvement in the kidnapping case. However, his conviction had been vacated on technical grounds by the Iraqi Court of Cassation on February 29, 2008, and remanded to the lower court for retrial.
An Iraqi-born citizen, Munaf emigrated to the US, becoming a naturalized American citizen in 2000; in the following year, he emigrated to Romania with his wife and five children.

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