Former President Traian Basescu to run for Senator seat

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PMP Chairman, former President Traian Basescu has announced on Thursday he will run for a Senator seat, adding he is not ashamed to run in Bucharest after two terms as mayor general and two terms as president.

“Senator Traian Basescu would bring to the Senate his entire accumulated experience during the five governments he was member of, as mayor general and as president of Romania for ten years. These entire experiences will serve the Senate, the party, the country, my whole life I have served the state, including the time when I was ship captain,” the PMP chairman said when submitting the party’s electoral lists to the Municipal Electoral Bureau.

The former president said he is not ashamed to run in Bucharest. “I believe I have left something behind me in Bucharest while I was mayor general; the tram line 41, metering at the staircase is working, the Basarab overpass, 120 km of tramlines, 110 modernized schools. I am not ashamed to run in Bucharest,” he said.

Basescu added he hopes that during the next legislature the parliament will have 300 MPs, the education law will return to the initial document and the health law filed by PMP will be voted by parliament.

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