Former President Traian Basescu warns 2018 might be the year of crisis due to decisions made by the Gov’t

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2018 will be an extremely hard year, maybe a year of Romania’s getting into crisis, because of the economic measures taken by the PSD-ALDE governments, said on Wednesday the People’s Movement Party (PMP) Senator Traian Basescu, former President of Romania, for the private broadcaster B1TV.

Basescu said the governments are “catastrophic” and added that the bringing Romania into crisis would get it exit out of the eurozone-joining convergence criteria.

“2018 will be extremely hard, if not a year for Romania to get into crisis, because the world will not get there anymore. (…) The PSD-ALDE governments have taken catastrophic economic measures, that instead of bringing a fiscal consolidation, did a mess of it and here we are, starting to abandon the Maastricht criteria, the convergence criteria for joining the eurozone,” Basescu said.

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