Former PSD President Mircea Geoana launched new platform to oppose PM Ponta


Senator Mircea Geoana, former Social Democrat president and Foreign Minister, launched a new social democrat project on Sunday. Geoana claimed that “Our Romania” project would change the majority in Parliament and a new Government would be installed in March.

“ (…) If we want to give a chance to the new left wing, we cannot build it on a rotten ground (…) How can anyone accept that the main left-wing party should be a completely undemocratic party?” Geoana told the audience attending the launching event.

He argued that the Romanian President is coming with a country project, but a country project cannot be built only with a right-wing vision, a left one is needed as well.

“We are more than the Social Democrat Party has been, we are the defenders of wage earners and employees. How can anyone vote PSD, which has blocked the vote from Diaspora? We are to generate a movement in Diaspora that should vote for the left wing,” Geoana also said.

He informed that the lawmakers who are supporting his project would lay a bill on the table to amend the lay of political parties financing, which stipulates that a company that financed a politician’s campaign is not allowed to auction for public money contracts for a three-year time.

“We shall fight for our principles. I propose you our project instead of the political sultanate promoted by Victor Ponta that grabbed all state and government positions. There are more MPs to join us. Ponta’s political sultanate will end in a few weeks,” the former PSD President also stated.

Among those who joined Geoana in the new platform there were District 5 Mayor, Marian Vanghelie and MP Oana Niculescu Mizil. The initiative committee for the New Social Democrat Party is made of 16 MPs.

Vanghelie lashed out against PM Victor Ponta and Interior Minister Gabriel Oprea, accusing they are corrupt persons. Vanghelie argued that Oprea threatened PSD lawmakers to prevent then from coming and joining the new political project. The mayor also slammed the incumbent government for being set up only on friendship relations and on god father-like affinities, saying that Gabriel Oprea is the godfather of Ponta’s son.

“I am not afraid to say it: there some money that Sebastian Ghita (Romania TV owner, IT businessman) took as royalties on behalf of Victor Ponta,” Vanghelie also unveiled.

Mircea Geoana and Marian Vanghelie have been ousted from PSD in November last year, after they came to loggerheads with the Social Democrat leadership.


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