Former Romanian President Traian Basescu, elected honorary chairman of newly set up Moldovan party


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Former Romanian president Traian Basescu was elected on Sunday, in Chisinau, honorary chairman of the newly set National Unity Party (PUN) in Republic of Moldova.

PUN was registered last week in court and is run by former defence minister Anatol Șălaru, one the strongest supporters of Moldova’s NATO integration.

On Sunday, the first extraordinary party congress was attended by 910 delegates and 115 invitees, among them the People’s Party Movement (PMP) chairman, Eugen Tomac, and by other PMP leaders, among them Robert Turcescu, informs.

PMP deputy for Diaspora, Constantin Coreanu, was elected party’s first Vice-chairman.

A cooperation protocol was signed between PUN and PMP, signed by Anatol Salaru and Eugen Tomac, reading that the two parties will provide domestic and European reciprocal support, with PMP vowing to support PUN to integrate into the European People’s Party (EPP) in the European Parliament. The protocol also reads the main objective of the two parties is to promote the union between Republic of Moldova and Romania.

“We take these steps very seriously, our common effort will go on, as we know who our adversaries are, how strong they are, however our will is greater than any obstacle in our way,” PMP’s Eugen Tomac said.

In his speech, Traian Basescu said patriotism is in our souls and it is seen by taking action. Besides that, patriotism and the love for your homeland are like the love to your mother: you keep them in your soul and do not show it off.”

Basescu added that Moldovan President Igor Dodon does not understand that the Russian Federation’s offer is the Transdnestian separatism. “Romania offers unity to Republic of Moldova, Russia offers secession. I believe we need to talk to the Moldovan citizens, to make them understand the difference of living with Romania and in the European Union.”

He said the Moldovan citizens are ‘bombed’ with pro-Russian propaganda and do not want to ‘mentally evolve’ towards the values they yearn for, the union with Romania and living in the European Union.

We remind our readers that, during his second term as president, Traian Basescu said he would prepare political projects in Republic of Moldova and might target the presidential office. Basescu received the Moldovan citizenship, but Moldovan President Igor Dodon signed a decree to withdraw the citizenship. The file is still in court, currently Traian Basescu having double citizenship.

Republic of Moldova President Igor Dodon signed in early January the decree to withdraw the citizenship for former Romanian President Traian Basescu. The document refers only to Traian Basescu and not to his wife Maria Basescu.

“I’ve signed the decree to withdraw the R. of Moldova citizenship from Mr. Traian Basescu,” Igor Dodon wrote on his Facebook page. “Previously, as deputy of Moldova’s parliament, I said the citizenship has been granted illegally. Traian Basescu repeatedly called for cancelling the statehood of R. of Moldova by annexation to Romania. Ever since during his presidency, he refused to recognise the Moldovan statehood and the existence of the Moldovan people,” Dodon wrote.

On November 3, 2016, Traian Basescu and his wife Maria Basescu were sworn in as Moldovan citizens at the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Bucharest, on November 13 they voted in the presidential elections in neighbouring Moldova.


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