Frans Timmermans: I am trying to convince the Romanian institutions not to adopt the criminal legislation

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First Vice-President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans stated on Wednesday, before the debate of the candidates of the European Commission Presidency, that the letter sent on May 10 to the President of Romania, the Speakers of the two chambers of Parliament and the Prime Minister is a preventive step and he is trying to persuade the authorities not to adopt the amendments to the criminal codes, because “it is always better to prevent than to correct afterwards”.

“I wrote a letter to the President, the Speakers of the two chambers and to the Prime Minister, as preventive step, I believe it is not too late, you can mend this! Do not adopt this legislation, do not cut the fight against corruption, do not turn to that direction and implement the Commission’s recommendations,” Timmermans said, informs.

The EC First Vice-president said the new Commission could do more in this regard.

Referring to the triggering of Article 7, the EC official said it is very important. “In the case of Romania, we still have the chance to prevent it, the Parliament adopted the legislation, but it is not yet enforced. I am trying to convince the institutions in Romania not to make this step,” Frans Timmermans said.

Asked if he received an answer to the letter, the EC official said ‘no’ and he knows only what the media has informed about.

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila said on Wednesday, while in Ploiesti, that she is disappointed by Timmermans’ gesture to send the letter to the Executive, adding that the threat to trigger Article 7 “is a dangerous thing”. Dancila added she would send a reply and ask for a fair treatment on Romania.


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