Gabriela Firea accuses PNL of preventing her to swear as Bucharest mayor


Bucharest mayor-elect Gabriela Firea on Tuesday accused the Liberals of preventing her to take the oath and therefore take over the Bucharest mayor seat.

More precisely Firea said that Wednesday’s swearing-in ceremony had been postponed because the National Liberal Party hadn’t filed the financial mandatory report yet. According to the law, the candidates-elect cannot be validated for their positions unless a detailed report on the electoral returns and expenses for every political party or independent candidate is not filed. The deadline is 15 days from the date of the elections.

At the same time, the Bucharest mayor-elect denounced that all contracts signed at the Bucharest City Hall during these days would be checked.

PNL wants to keep local ruling for some more days. We wonder why, what interests are behind? I was informed that contracts are being signed at the city hall, hiring are underway, certain information that I shouldn’t know are indemnified, but I announce all directors that everything that has been signed during this period will be checked up and I will resort to the state institutions to see what happened during all this time and what was the interest to delay my swearing-in ceremony initially scheduled for Wednesday,” Gabriela Firea stated.

She added that the Liberals are using the loophole that June 21 is the last day to file the financial mandatory report. Firea argued that no political party had ever filed the report on the last day and that certain errors might come up in the report and the Liberals risk losing all their councilors.

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