Gabriela Firea officially enters the race for the Bucharest City Hall

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The Social Democrat Party’s candidate for the Bucharest City Hall, Gabriela Firea filed her candidature on Wednesday, after raising almost 300,000 signatures.

She said that she has had Bucharest ID card for 20 years, while rejecting the accusations that she had got married for the first time to get the identity card for the Capital city.

Firea also said that this electoral campaign should be about youth and that she would take care of the pollution and traffic cutback during her mayor term.

The traffic jam in the capital is unacceptable for 2016, it’s one of my priorities of my local governance programme (…) We have a fleet of 1,000 Mercedes buses, with 30% of them being stuck in the parking for the former mayors didn’t allot money for the refills (…),” Firea argued.

At the same time, she stated that she intends to build parking lots at the entrance in Bucharest and near the most congested subway stations.

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