German Embassy: We firmly condemn any type of discrimination against the German minority


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Germany’s Embassy in Bucharest has retorted to the recent statements containing insults against the German community in Romania, saying it condemns any type of discrimination against the German minority and against any other minority in Romania, arguing such allegations are baseless and unjustified.

PM’s adviser Darius Valcov has recently posted a video clip on Facebook, suggesting that #rezist movement and the Democrat Forum of Germans in Romania are Nazi organizations. The footage also includes a photo featuring president Iohannis wearing a mustache and a haircut similar to the ones of Adolf Hitler.

Numerous politicians, representatives of the minorities, of the business environment, groups of the civil society and private individuals have voiced their indignation in the past days regarding the defamatory and offending statements about the German minority and have assured the German minority of their support. Many of these reactions have been also directly sent to the Embassy.

Germany’s Embassy is thanking to these supporters. We want to take this opportunity to clearly underline: we firmly condemn any type of discrimination, defamation or hatred against the German minority or against any other minority in Romania. Such allegations are baseless and there is no justification for them. We thank all those who have taken a firm stand against these accusations,” says a statement posted by the embassy on Facebook.

National Liberal Party and the group of the national minorities in the Parliament have asked the premier to dismiss Valcov for his stance.

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