German Embassy: We have not received translations of the laws of justice, but we have diplomats who know Romanian and can conduct an analysis


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The German Embassy has stated on Friday that it has not received the translation of the laws of justice from the Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE), as Florin Iordache has announced, but points out that it has diplomats who know the Romanian language and can analyze the package of laws.

“During the past months, the embassy closely followed the talks on the reform of the justice system. Until now, the embassy has not received from the Romanian Foreign Ministry any translation of the laws passed by the Romanian Parliament. Numerous diplomats who know Romanian language work in the embassy and are able to carry out a translation or an analysis of the texts,” the German Embassy has told Digi24 TV private broadcaster.

The French Embassy in Bucharest released a communiqué on Thursday reading that “the embassy follows carefully the developments on judicial reform, including the discussions of the Romanian society and has its own translation services in this regard.”

On Thursday, the chairman of the special parliamentary committee on justice, Florin Iordache (former Justice Minister in Grindeanu cabinet – our note) sent to Foreign Minister Teodor Melescanu the translated text of the three laws on justice recently adopted by Parliament, as well as a summary of the amendments to the package of laws, parliamentary sources have announced.

On the website of the Chamber of Deputies, the documents of the commission on the amendments brought to the Laws of Justice show the three recently adopted laws concerning the judicial organization, the status of judges and on the activity of the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM).

The Foreign Minister will make them available to the embassies.

“From now on, MAE will keep in touch with embassies. I understand from Minister Melescanu that he will set up a schedule, but the further communication with the embassies and with the diplomatic environment will be conducted by the Foreign Ministry,” Florin Iordache said.



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