Gov’t adopts bill to put provisions on quarantine/isolation in accordance with the CCR

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The Government has convened in a new meeting today and has adopted the draft bill to put the Constitutional Court’s ruling in accordance with the provisions on quarantine, isolation regarding COVID-19 infections. The draft must also get the Parliament’s vote.

Health Minister Nelu Tataru has announced the document had been adopted, saying that the authorities are reviewing the people who had left quarantine or isolation.

“We have 550 less patients in hospitals in the past 2 days, so 550 patients have been discharged from hospitals. The draft bill will go to Parliament as a matter of urgency, I hope the public health is of national interest, to avoid any political interpretation”, minister Tataru said.

Commenting photos of people crowing at the seaside or in mountain resorts, the Health minister said there have been similar images for about 4 weeks now. “We continue to call people to be cautious. We have been limited due to the CCR ruling. The new provisions can allow us to limit the overcrowding.”

At the beginning of the government sitting, PM Ludovic Orban has slammed the constitutional judges again, saying that CCR “is a PSD’s subsidiary”.

“Since the start of the pandemic any Government’s action has been boycotted, hampered and sabotaged through the attitude of some political leaders and public institutions that behaved like some PSD’s subsidiaries. We came up with solutions to every shot. Also following a CCR’s ruling, all fines applied by the entitled institutions had been cancelled, by a CCR decisions, as a PSD’s subsidiary“, said Orban.

I don’t know any other country to have experienced what happened in Romania. We have this draft law and we’ll have to convince MPs that it is vital that it should be debated and adopted as soon as possible in order to have all necessary instruments at hand to defend the Romanians’ life and health”, the PM added.


The Health Minister had announced on Sunday evening that the draft law for meeting the requirements of the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) regarding the quarantine and isolation of persons diagnosed with COVID-19 was ready and it would be included on Monday’s Government meeting agenda.

“Since Friday, when the Constitutional Court released its motivation, we have been drawing up a draft law which is now ready. On Monday we’ll have a Government meeting which agenda will also include it, as we want to meet the requirements of the Constitutional Court with this draft law. Once we have adapted, made official and voted in Parliament what a communicable disease is, what quarantine means, what isolation means, what hospitalised patient means, matters that will be defined, we shall go back to what it means identifying an outbreak, isolating an area, quarantining an area,” Tataru told Realitatea Plus private broadcaster.

On the other hand, the Health Minister mentioned that during the state of alert medical staff can no longer be deployed from one hospital to another as easily as during the state of emergency.

Last week, the Romanian Constitutional Court (CCR) has published the reasoning of its ruling on June 25 that declared the quarantine and mandatory admission in hospital as unconstitutional.

CCR argued that the legal texts on the mandatory hospitalization and quarantine during the coronavirus epidemic are not constitutional, as they lack clarity and predictability, are doubtful and difficult to anticipate and provide no guarantees on respecting some fundamental rights and liberties.

At the same time, CCR used to claim that imposing quarantine in Romanian by emergency ordinance represents “a true deprivation of freedom and a restriction of the fundamental rights”.

As an effect of the CCR ruling, hundreds of people admitted in the Romanian hospitals, infected with COVID-19, with or without symptoms have asked to be discharged during the past weekend. At the same time, other people under quarantine have left the quarantine centers over the same reason.


The new bill explained

The state secretary on emergency situations, Raed Arafat explained that this new bill adopted by the Government can be enforced in other situations of epidemiological risk, too and that the terms quarantine and isolation have new other definitions now.

“Quarantine refer healthy persons, isolation refers to the infected people. The bill says that, as a matter of exception, if the hospitals’ capacity is exceeded isolation is allowed at home. No one takes any decision by himself, there is always an expert opinion of the scientific side. The law also specifies that isolation and quarantine measures can be taken if an epidemic is declared by the Health Ministry order or an international public health emergency or pandemic is declared so by the WHO. Any measure taken by the authorities can be appealed by citizens in court,” Arafat explained.



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