Gov’t considers referring PSD’s censure motion to CCR

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PM Ludovic Orban has told on Tuesday that the Government is considering the option of notifying the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) on a constitutional conflict between the Government and the Parliament on the censure motion tabled by the Social Democrats on Monday.

The Executive is challenging the fact the censure motion had been tabled in an extraordinary session, with PM Orban stating that the PSD’s action is “an adventure with no chance to be completed”.

“We are analysing the possibility of claiming a constitutional legal conflict on tabling the censure motion during the parliamentary recess. There has not been such a thing in the past 30 years. No political party has ever filed a censure motion during the parliamentary recess or in an extraordinary session“, said the Prime Minister.

Ludovic Orban argued that PSD represents a dangerous precedent, as any government might be “under the siege” of censure motions, labeling the Opposition’s action as “irresponsible”.

“A censure motion can last 4 to 5 days, according to the constitutional time frames. If filing a censure motion is allowed during the summer recess, any government might be under the siege of censure motions”.

We are not running from the battlefield. When we assumed the mission to take Romania above the water, to bring it again on the right path and to ensure economic relaunch, we pledged to complete these goals. In my opinion, this motion is an adventure that has no chance to be carried through“, he concluded.

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