Gov’t pledges to release the 2023 draft budget by October 20


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Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă announced on Wednesday that the Ministry of Finance will present the draft budget for next year by October 20, so that it can be submitted to the parliamentary debate in November.

The Ministry of Finance, in full coordination with the main credit officers, will come to the first reading with the budget, no later than October 20, so that it will be adopted by the Government no later than October 27, and in November the budget will enter for analysis and vote in Parliament”, said the prime minister, at ​​the beginning of the government session.

He mentioned that this project will allow the continuation of investments, the implementation of PNRR programs, the management of the budget deficit and inflation, as well as salary and pension increases.

“Through the budget project, we will ensure the continuity of investment programs. We will also ensure the implementation of the programs from the PNRR. We will also ensure that we will be able to manage the budget deficit and inflation. Simultaneously with the identification of budgetary resources for the increase of salaries and pensions starting next year. At the same time, ensuring the necessary measures to protect the vulnerable population”, Ciuca also said.

Asked how he sees the possible or probable increase in salaries and pensions, President Klaus Iohannis declared on Tuesday that “it is fair, it is reasonable and it is expected” that they increase.

Iohannis believes that “it is not ordinary people who must pay for these crises and the Government must and will identify solutions”. “Until we have a budget forecast for next year, whatever one or the other says is speculation. But I can tell you one thing that I personally conveyed to the coalition leaders. Given that we are in an energy crisis , we have a lot of problems in the economy, we also have economic growth, we still have quite high inflation, it is fair, it is reasonable and it is expected that wages and pensions will also increase. In the conditions where inflation has reached, now recently there have been given advertising the data, over 15%, I don’t think it’s reasonable to refuse the discussion on salary and pension increases”, said Klaus Iohannis.

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