Gov’t recalls Romania’s general consul in New York, more changes to come

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The Government has adopted a draft resolution to recall the current Romanian general consul in New York, Catalin Dancu (photo).

PM Ludovic Orban announced two weeks ago that he had already changed two consuls named by the former PSD ruling, including the former spokesperson of Dancila Cabinet, Nelu Barbu, sent consul to Shanghai on the last days of the PSD Gov’t, and the consul to Milan, while forecasting Catalin Dancu will have the same fate.

“We are trying to send career diplomats to these offices, who will truly represent Romania’s interests and not last-minute placements, political clients of the government”, Orban used to tell Digi24.

Lawyer Catalin Dancu, named consult to New York in 2017, became famous due to his clients that he defended in several trials- Radu Mazăre, Cătălin Harnagea, Sorin Roșca Stănescu, Dinu Patriciu, Mihai Pacepa, Gigi Becali, Dumitru Sechelariu, Nicușor Constantinescu orGheorghe Ștefan.

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