Gov’t Secretary General Mihai Busuioc voted to head the Court of Auditors


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The Secretary General of the Government, Mihai Busuioc, considered a close person to the PSD leader Liviu Dragnea, was voted by the Parliament on Wednesday as President of the Court of Auditors, to replace Nicolae Vacaroiu, whose nine-year mandate comes to an end on October 15, informs. Four counsellors with nine-year mandates have also been voted.

Mihai Busuioc has received 275 votes ‘for’ and 95 ‘against’.

At the same time, Dan Lucian Vladescu was voted as chairman of the Audit Authority with 268 votes ‘for’, 102 ‘against’.

For the position of vice-president of the Court of Auditors, Nicu Marcu was validated with 270 votes ‘for’ and 100 ‘against’, for a rest of the mandate, and for the same position in the Audit Authority, Florin Tunaru, 267 votes ‘for’ and 103 ‘against’.

The plenum has also validated Aurel Dumitru as Accountant Adviser – 267 votes ‘for’ and 103 ‘against’.

The joint budget and finance committees of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate have validated on Tuesday the candidature of Social Democrat Mihai Busuioc for the position of Court of Auditors president by 18 votes to ten and one abstention. Nicu Marcu was validated for the vice-president position.

Mihai Busuioc came to public attention in June, before Sorin Grindeanu was dismissed by PSD from the office of Prime Minister, when he refused to countersign Prime Minister Grindeanu’s order to release him from office. In the absence of his signature, the Official Gazette representatives refused in their turn to publish the act of dismissal. Grindeanu had intended to replace Busuioc with Victor Ponta.

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