Gov’t to adopt GEO to amend laws on the referendum

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PM Viorica Dancila has stated on Tuesday that the Executive will adopt an emergency ordinance targeting the electoral legislation, as the Permanent Electoral Authority has asked for some amendments in the view of the referendum on justice and EP elections on May 26.

However, the prime minister said there is no final draft for the ordinance yet.

For me, as a premier, it is very important to take care of the good organisation of the European elections and of the referendum. We’ll see the final form. I cannot impose anything, we have to talk to the secretary general of the Government and with the people who stamped this draft law,” Dancila said.

Asked about the legal provisions regarding the public authorities’, including the President’s interdiction to get involved in the electoral campaign for the referendum, Dancila replied: “I haven’t seen the text of the GEO, we’ll see the final form. The legislative act must be adopted tomorrow in the government sitting”.

Article 30 paragraph 6 of the emergency ordinance says that “public authorities have the obligation to be neutral and objective with respect to the object of the referendum, being banned from voicing opinions in favour or against the topic of the referendum during the campaign”.

AEP has issued a proposal to amend the electoral laws through GEO, to be enforced at the European elections and the referendum on May 26. The electoral body proposed the referendum to be validated through the valid options of the voters enlisted in the Electoral Registry on the day of the vote.

Therefore, paragraphs 2 and 3 of article 5 of the GEO stipulate: “(2) The referendum is valid if it is attended by at least 30% of the people enlisted in the electoral registry on the day of the vote. (3)The result of the referendum is validated if the options represent at least 25% of the people enlisted in the electoral registry on the day of the vote”.

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