Gov’t to give negative opinion to the draft on the Romanian Royal House’s statute. PM: Elisabeta Palace must return to the state

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PM Tudose doesn’t agree the draft law on the statute of the Romanian Royal House, initiated by the Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu and the Chamber of Deputies speaker Liviu Dragnea.

Romania is not a monarchy, but a republic. The Elisabeta Palace must get back to the state. The members of the Royal House can stay at Savarsin or somewhere else,” the premier said on Thursday during an informal meeting with the journalists.

His statements come after sources revealed that the Government will give a negative opinion to the draft law initiated by Tariceanu and Dragnea.

The legal and culture committee in the Senate have decided on December 5 to postpone the debates on the royal house’s statute.

The two Parliament speakers have drafted a bill in early November to bring under regulation the legal statute of the Romania’s Royal House, saying the Romanian Royal House will become private legal entity of public utility, meaning the members will be entitled to receive financing directly from the state budget.

According to the draft, Crown Princess Margareta and her husband are to have the same rights and benefits as the former heads of state, after King Michael’s death.

Moreover, by the draft law, the official position of head of the Romanian Royal House will be assimilated to the one of a former head of state.

Therefore, princess Margareta and her husband are to benefit of a house free of charge, a monthly allowance, as well as permanent car and security provided by the Romanian Protection and Guard Service (SPP).

King Michael enjoyed these benefits as former head of state before his death.

According to the current law provisions, the house rights, such as the right to live in the Elisabeta Palace, are not transferred to Crown Princess Margareta after the King’s death, with the Parliament being expected to give its consent on this matter.

In retort to the PM’s stance, PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea, said the PSD-ALDE coalition would discuss and take a decision on the draft on Friday. PM Tudose, who was next to Dragnea when journalists asked the PSD chairman about the fate of this draft law, explained that, personally, he doesn’t agree the bill.

“I personally consider that this palace should return to the Romanian state, the Royal House has other retrocessed properties,” Tudose said, stressing that this is his personal opinion.

Also on Thursday, but in a different location, PSD executive president Nicolae Badalau argued that PM Mihai Tudose “is not the PSD chairman”, suggesting the prime minister cannot decide on the this topic.

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