Gov’t to raise the dividend tax to 8%. Higher fees for tobacco, alcohol and gambling


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In separate meetings, PSD and PNL discussed future amendments to the Fiscal Code. Thus, the VAT is to increase for a series of products and services, in the HORECA field. And higher taxes will be found on dividends, tobacco and alcohol. However, the biggest change concerns gambling, where the tax will increase up to 40%. Everything would be adopted in just a few days.

We do not support and we do not have additional taxation regardless of whether we are talking about the solidarity tax. So we don’t have a solidarity tax. We are trying to attract investors. Direct investments increased by 34 percent, we had a permanent dialogue with the business environment. We seek to become accessible by relocating investments. We approved the elimination of some exceptions for the fiscal adjustment“, said the prime minister PNL Nicolae Ciucă, according to Digi24 sources.

At the same time, PNL and PSD want to increase the excise duties on alcohol and tobacco, to apply 19% VAT for sugar drinks and to increase the tax for gambling to 40%.

Liberals and the social democrats  have also agreed to exempt from tax the salaries from agriculture and constructions up to 10 thousand lei. The exemption threshold is currently 30 thousand lei.

Dividend taxation will be 8 percent, from 5 percent, including for state-owned companies.

On the other hand, in the PSD meeting, the Minister of Finance Adrian Câciu also presented several fiscal measures. In addition to increasing the dividend tax from 5 to 8% and increasing the excise tax by 6 money on tobacco products as well as increasing the excise duty on alcohol by 20%, the Minister also presented a proposal to increase VAT for the HORECA sector from 5 at 9%, according to party sources.

Among the measures discussed and agreed lately is the reduction of the tax threshold for micro-enterprises from 1 million euros to 500 thousand euros.

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