Gov’t to take responsibility before the Parliament on compensatory appeal, GEO 114 this week

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The Ludovic Orban Cabinet will take responsibility before Parliament on the compensatory appeal this week, deputy PM Raluca Turcan announced today at the end of the PNL National Political Bureau. The information was also confirmed by PM Orban.
The premier said that repealing the compensatory appeal is urgent precisely to stop the effects of this law as soon as possible. Orban added that, as the regime of the most favourable criminal law is at stake, those who have already been sentenced or tried now will benefit of the release on parole even after the law is repealed.
In her turn, the deputy PM Turcan explained: “This amendment is needed ASAP to prevent the judiciary system from being blocked. Besides, it is also required by the CVM report”.
Moreover, Justice minister Cătălin Predoiu will go to ECHR to present the situation in Romania.
Turcan also announced the budget for next year will encompass money for the electronic bracelets, to fill the vacancies in penitentiaries, to hire probation staff and to build one more prison. “There is no time to lose”, she stressed.

Liberals also will also take responsibility before the Parliament on other justice issues and financial bills, such as GEO 114.

The Orban Cabinet is eyeing the repeal of the compensatory appeal, the postponement of the law on the magistrates’ early retirement and switch from two-judge panels to three-judge panels.

Deputy PM Raluca Turcan stated during the past weekend that the government is considering taking responsibility before the government to repeal the controversial compensatory appeal law that released on parole thousands of offenders from prison before concluding their jail time.

“PNL Government has a mandate in favour of honest people, not in favor of criminals! We are putting our mandate at stake to defend honest people who are at risk because of the compensatory appeal adopted by the former ruling. Repealing the compensatory appeal is so important to us so that we’ll take responsibility before the parliament if the chambers do not amend the law”, said Turcan on Sunday.

Last week, Justice minister Cătălin Predoiu told a press conference that the compensatory appeal law, adopted by PSD and the former Justice minister Tudorel Toader, that brought out of jail thousands of criminals who relapsed after that, cannot be “repealed overnight” for it would lead to more severe side effect.

His statements prompted discontent of the public opinion.

Liberals also said they will take responsibility on the financial laws, particularly on amending the GEO 114, harshly criticised by the business environment.

“We talk about provisions of the GEO 114 on energy-overcharging and capping the energy and gas producers’ prices, overcharging of the banking sector, repealing the overcharge in communications, repealing provisions related to Pensior Pillar II, repealing of the spooky Fund for Development and Investments which functioned as a bribe for the PSD mayors”, PM Orban said.

He mentioned the provisions related to the constructions sector will not be affected.

PSD also wants to take credit for the repeal of compensatory appeal

On the other hand, PSD wants to be one step ahead of the Liberals, and put on the Chamber of Deputies agenda some drafts to urgently repeal the compensatory appeal, to annul special pensions, to remove over over-excise duty.

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