Gov’t turns down Canada offer to lift visas

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The government has refused the first offer coming from Canadian authorities on waiving visas for Romanian citizens.

Canada sent to Bucharest and Sofia the proposal that visas are to be lifted in steps until May 2018 at the latest.

Unlike the Bulgarian officials, the Romanian authorities were dissatisfied with the deadline, asking for another deadline sometime in 2017, informs.

The negotiations are to continue this week.

“The negotiations, from the Romanian side’s point of view, are not over yet, talks are ongoing on the deadline and the schedule for the complete waiving of visas for the Romanian citizens,” governmental sources say, according to

PM Dacian Ciolos and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau had talks in September in New York, expressing at the time confidence in good prospects for waiving the visas soon for Romanians travelling to Canada.

Romanians and Bulgarians are the only EU citizens needing a visa to enter Canada.

With an October signing date now set for the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA), Canada must act — or risk a veto by countries who don’t appreciate their nationals being treated as second-class EU citizens

In April, Canada and the United States were given an additional three months to comply with the EU’s policy of visa reciprocity: countries whose citizens don’t need EU visas must, in return, allow visa-free travel for all EU nationals.


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