Green light for shooting bears outside the localities. Parliament Okayed the bill, with UDMR amendments


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Parliament approved the Government Emergency Ordinance providing for intervention in the case of aggressive bears. According to an amendment tabled by UDMR and adopted by the deputies, the bears will be able to be shot outside the localities, compared to the initial variant in which the authorities could intervene only if the bear attacks in town.

A hidden poaching is desired”, the AUR lawmakers accused in the plenary debates, while the UDMR parliamentarians claimed with the bears that they are “beasts” that endanger their lives and property.

“Today is a very important day. UDMR was the only political party that warned over the fact that overcrowding of bears would be a problem. I am a man who knows and knows what it means to be an animal that sits at the highest level of the animal chain. It appears in the inhabited areas. In the big cities , up from the 10-storey blocks of flats, the bear looks cute and looks like the teddy bear on the couch. These beasts are a real danger. Two people were killed in Mureș. People’s lives are above all else. For this reason, we have tabled an amendment that provides for the extension of the intervention in case of bear attacks and in the suburbs, both in the field and on the tourist paths“, said UDMR deputy Kolcsar Karoly.

In retort, AUR accused UDMR lawmakers want a “disguised poaching”. “Killing of as many bears as possible is desired. In these circumstances, let’s not allow cars for people die in accidents every year. Let’s pass a law against dogs, as well, for they killed and mutilated people the other days. It is not OK to kill animals. We must not make a priority out of this”, said AUR deputy Rusu Daniel Gheorghe.

However, UDMR representative replied that fear has seized many families living in the countryside. “There are 13 counties that have bear attacks. Today’s vote is clear, Parliament values human lives”.

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