Guy Verhofstadt argues EU should support Kovesi for European Public Prosecutor’s Office


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ALDE group leader in European Parliament Guy Verhofstadt argues that the European Union should support former DNA chief prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi for the top position with the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO).

In an article published by ‘Project Syndicate’ the ALDE leader reminds that “Laura Codruța Kövesi, the highly effective former head of Romania’s anti-corruption office and a candidate to fill a similar role at the EU level, is now the subject of a smear campaign and trumped-up criminal charges. Her case is a perfect example of why Europe needs stronger mechanisms to uphold its values.”

The article, titled ‘Fight Corruption to Reclaim Europe’s Soul’ stressed the fight against corruption in Romania and Kovesi’s role as National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) chief prosecutor and the way she has been ousted from this position.

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“The response from the rest of the EU, first and foremost, should be to join the European Parliament in supporting Kövesi’s candidacy to lead the EPPO, which will be launched by the end of 2020. As matters stand, the European Council, whose revolving presidency is currently held by Romania, has backed another candidate. Beyond that, the European Commission must do more than merely criticize the PSD-led government’s backsliding on the rule of law. Real pressure must be brought to bear on the Romanian authorities. After the European Parliament elections later this month, a new Commission will be formed under the leadership of a new president. One of its top priorities should be to develop a binding pact committing all EU member states and institutions to protect democracy, the rule of law, and fundamental rights,” Guy Verhofstadt writes.

The ALDE leader mentions the current critical moments for the European Union and the challenges ahead. His conclusion is that the developments in Romania are important for the continent, the fight against corruption is a battle for Europe.

“The EU was once regarded as a bastion of hope for those living under tyranny, despotism, and kleptocracy. It is time to reclaim that mantle. Kövesi’s courageous and highly effective career fighting corruption in Romania has shown what one person, empowered by law, can accomplish. The EU must embrace her and everything she stands for. The fight against corruption in Romania and elsewhere is a battle for Europe’s soul,” Guy Verhofstadt concludes the article.


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  1. Ben Jager says

    Guy Verhofstadt makes to many mistakes and he should resign, because Laura Kovesi don’t take her mandate in Romania not serious!

    1. Reta says

      Ben Jager

      First of all, you should refrain from writing in English because you write it worse than adolescents under 12. Second, LCK has been appointed on a top position in Romania and has received numerous awards from the most powerful countries of this planet in recognition for her outstanding work. Last but not least, G. Verhofstadt is a respected politician who wrote several books and is fluent in several languages. What makes you think you are better than both of them while you fail miserably at a much simpler thing: writing the 21st century’s lingua franca?

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